Thursday, August 18, 2005

intermission: messing with chronology

this is a short one, i promise:

i'm sorry for the lack of links...i promise to update all these posts when i have more time. it's difficult, you know, with all the eating.

speaking of, there are still many places to mention, and i'm afraid i'll end up glossing over the sweet shop in central city, colorado, complete with traveling-kid barista and soy lattes, but some things end up being kind of distracting... VEGAN OMELETTES! YES! when i worked at a restaurant in minneapolis, i used to send mock orders back to the cooks asking for a vegan omelette or a tofu omelette, but i never before thought it possible. until today, that is, when we visited Follow Your Heart foods in canoga park (near topanga canyon, they're the people responsible for vegenaise). i promise more details about this place later on, but let me just say that vegan omelettes do exist, and they're fanfuckingtastic.

more later.


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