Wednesday, August 03, 2005

no fish sauce, please/iowa city props

Well, it's been a while, but I decided to treat myself to some Thai food for lunch. I called up True Thai to see if they could make me some Pad Thai without fish sauce. I should mention before going on that I love True Thai, it's really one of only a handful of decent Thai places in Minneapolis. It's a short list, and I'm afraid Sawatdee and Royal Orchid aren't on it. (My all-time favorite Thai restuarant, and so perhaps my favorite restuarant, is Thai Classic on Clark Street in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood. I think I got spoiled in Chicago, which is why I can't join my fellow Minneapolitans in singing the praises of Sawatdee, a place at which I routinely found meat in my food before quitting them once and for all).

Oh, right. So I'm on the phone with they guy at True Thai, trying to avoid the fish sauce. He puts me on hold to check with the chef, and when he finally comes back, it's to tell me that the chef "can't guarantee the taste." Now, apparently this means that the chef couldn't guarantee that it wouldn't taste like fish, because there were a couple of iffy bites in there, but I'm a nice guy, and I love True Thai enough that I'm willing to chalk it up to, I don't know, maybe they've got so much fish sauce back there that it's just splashing around all over the place. I feel like I should be more upset, but the food was good, and I did my part, and now that I know they're willing to make it without fish sauce (sort of), I feel like I can happily go back there.

Look, good Pad Thai is hard to find up here.


I got another comment from SG, which you can read under the post entitled Summer Tour 2005. I have to say, I've had nothing but positive experiences in Iowa City (excluding the time they wouldn't buy my plasma and the time later that I went to the funeral of the friend whose plasma they did buy). Gabe's Oasis will always have a special place in my heart (someone told me that there is some Youth of Today graffiti in the men's room, but I gave up trying to find it), and I've had more than one good meal in that town. Most importantly, I think, is that everyone in Iowa City is so nice.

Be sure to check out SG's blog, as well. "Riding bikes and rockin' mics." That sounds a little better than "The Surly Vegan," doesn't it? Hey SG, was that scroll the manuscript to On the Road by Jack Kerouac?


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