Monday, August 01, 2005


...but today was so fucking hot, the thought of cooking so objectionable, that somehow my stupid ass thought it preferable to hop on my bike for a trip to the co-op. Tonight's dinner? Cascadian Farms tater tots, Health is Wealth Chicken-Free Nuggets* (with barbecue sauce and Vegenaise), and beer (Lakefront ESB, New Glarus Fat Squirrel, and I'm thinking about going to the fridge for a Bell's Two Hearted, the best American beer, in my opinion, even if it is named for a mind-numbingly slow Hemingway story about killing fish).

*Well, I was going to link to these, but my google search revealed this instead. That's right, those motherfuckers couldn't leave well enough alone, why not throw some dried egg albumen in there? And the Chicken-Free Patties, too, which I also purchased tonight for some other lazy night? Well, apparently there's an e-mail campaign going on to try to get Health is Wealth to remove the offending egg parts, and you can find out more at the above link, but really, a big reason I'm against the junkfood vegans in the first place stems from my having read the Vegan Health Study. I can't recommend this study enough, as it gives infinitely more insight into the benefits and pitfalls of a vegan diet than any nutrition class ever will. Seriously, spend some time on that site. Maybe, like me, you'll decide we're better off without all that junkfood in the first place. Sure, I'm bound to have some weak moments in the future (not weak enough to eat dried egg albumen, thank you very much), but that's on me. I'm not sure I feel the need to e-mail Health is Wealth to ask for help facilitating my bad eating choices.

Besides, this is the way it always goes. I remember in the mid- to late-nineties, when I was a junkfood vegan, I was so mad that Golden Grahams and Tollhouse Softbatch cookies were no longer vegan. Now, looking back, it's like what the fuck? G(M)Olden Grahams? You know, it's not just about the animals...


Uhm, if you're reading this blog at all, especially if you don't know the author, please please please don't hesitate to comment so that I know you're out there. I installed a counter, but I can't tell if the site's getting any traffic because I'm so frequently checking for comments. It's really a sad life I lead.


Would it be so hard for them to have some veggie dogs at one of those hot-dog eating contests? I think I could give that Japanese guy a run for his money. I once saw him lose an eating contest to a bear on some completely objectionable Fox show...something about man vs. animal or some shit.


Finally, in case you missed the news, the Atkins company effectively shit-canned itself today. One can only hope that this will make vegans look a little more normal, although (and I'm pretty sure this is a good thing) I don't think we'll be seeing the Vegan symbol on the menus of chain restaurants anytime soon.


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