Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Summer tour: third communiqué: grand junction, co – Richfield, ut – hemet, ca

Smaller towns are a much bigger challenge to us oppressed first worlders with weird diets than cities are. Grand Junction proved to be one of the more difficult that first night when we pulled in at midnight and had no choice but to head for denny’s. I ordered the diner special (see an earlier post), and discovered somehow through a very bleary-eyed conversation that our waiter was vegetarian.

Let's pause, for a moment, to pity anyone who has the good sense to not eat animals but who, by some cruel twist of fate, has to work the graveyard shift at Denny's. Poor fucker. Probably he has or has had (or will have) a drug problem.

Lo and behold, however, that when the sun next shone on Grand Junction, we found a bagel shop called Main Street Bagels downtown. This place was great, considering the town. Fair trade coffee, homemade smoothies with spirulina and everything. I was really impressed. The bagels weren't that good, but the emphasis on organic ingredients and fair trade practices was encouraging, especially since before I discovered those elements of the business I was worried that the place was somehow secretly Christian, which, of course, would have been unforgiveable.

Also, maybe you're from Georgia and you find yourself in Western Colorado...well, fear not, friend, for that part of the world seems to be just as nutso over peaches as yours. That's really about all I can tell you about that.

Don't ever go to Richfield, Utah, if you can help it, because the people at the hotel there will tell you that you'll have wireless and then fuck you over with some ethernet shit that will require more reconfiguring of your computer than it's worth. The good news is that they'll give you twenty bucks off the next morning when you bitch to the cranky old know-it-all at the front desk - "well, I'm sorry, even though you should have been able to get it to work..." The further good news is South China Restaurant on Main Street. While nary a person of Asian descent was in sight, somehow these Mormons figured out how to fry some tofu. We had the Kung Pao and Szechuan, and both were great.

I guess small towns, occasionally, know how to rock some tofu, as evident by the even more unfuckwithable tofu at Hong Kong Kitchen or something like that in Hemet, California. This is also a place you should never visit, but with a million and one 55+ communities there, some older person in your life is bound to move there sooner or later, and won't you be glad I told you where to get some Chinese food?

Won't you?

More soon, I promise, with updated links and rockstar news. All I can say is, Rikki Rocket of Poison fame isn't the only rockstar vegan we can claim.

Keep eating, keep complaining. Love, the SV.


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