Tuesday, August 09, 2005

two things

i'll keep this short since i know that pizza deal was rather long, and since i also know that my audience is, shall we say, minute.

thing one) why is it so hard to find a vegan shaving kit in the old man cup-and-brush style? why? fucking lanolin. maybe if people realized they were lathering sheep fat all over their bodies, lanolin wouldn't be such a popular ingredient, but then, by that logic, brain tacos wouldn't exist.

thing two) i really love the triple rock social club, and if you're ever in minneapolis, let me invite you to love it as well. i recommend going early, for happy hour (4-7), when pints of good beer are only two dollars, you're almost sure to get a table, and the cook's revenge is always good. just remember to say vegan when you order it, otherwise they'll serve you a chili dog with cheese fries. don't ask me how i know, i just do.

i promise there will be more posts later on, but right now i'm very busy preparing for the surly vegan summer tour 2005, but you know damn well that after all that eating i'll have plenty to say about the state of the western half of our country for us pasty types.


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