Tuesday, August 09, 2005

veganism and cycling

i received an e-mail from someone curious about the relationship of veganism and cycling. well, it's true, on good days i'm something of an avid cyclist (though i'm taking a break to let my tattoo heal properly since it takes up a ridiculous amount of space on my leg), and it's true, i'm a vegan (unless we're counting honey and thrift-store leather, the latter of which i'd like to cut out).

i guess for me it's all part of an effort to tread as lightly as possible, as well as being engaged in the things that i do, whether they be for transportation or nutrition. unfortunately, that doesn't answer the question, which had more to do with a diet for an active vegan.

and i don't really know.

at my best i was biking roughly 15 miles a day, and while my legs have shown some extra muscle, i'm still fighting against a bit of chub around my middle. i've always had high metabolism, something i know a lot of people aren't as lucky to have. now that i'm in my upper twenties, and drinking beer fairly regularly, it hasn't been as easy to stay super thin. so we joined the ywca, and i've been trying to be more active. i notice that if i know i've been riding or working out (or i'm going to be), it's easier for me to justify large meals of protein or carbs or whatever it is, but i really don't have a workout regime, and so i don't really have a workout diet. lots of mornings my wife and i will have smoothies with protein powder in them, and i've been taking multi-vitamins, iron, and a cal-mag-zinc complex, but that's more the result of the vegan health study info i stumbled upon (see link in post about health is wealth products).

so i don't know. part of me would like to be more informed about those things, but most of me fears taking it very seriously. food for me is fun, and i want it to remain that way.

there was also a question about bike parts and their sort of cohesion with a vegan lifestyle. i'm not too knowledgeable on this, either. i know that brooks saddles are leather, and i think some selle italias are also, and i guess i steer clear of leather bar tape (or any bar tape for that matter, i'm pretty clumsy with it).

really, though, i'm not so naive to think that my tires were produced with the environment in mind, or the steel that made my frame, and i shudder to think of the working conditions of those who produced them. i guess for me, at the end of the day, i say do what you can, knowing that each of us can do quite a bit more than we would often like to. do what you can, and don't settle for less. tread lightly, and have fun.

all of that sounds corny as hell because of a hipster backlash towards giving a fuck, and that really makes me mad. i won't apologize for caring. if someone is threatened by my lifestyle, that's not my fucking problem. if you need clarification on this point, let me refer you to the title of this blog.

and thanks for giving a damn.


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That's a good, sensible philosophy. You answered my question. :)

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