Saturday, September 24, 2005


it was pointed out by my wife that my last post (vegan gummi bears, see below), didn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense. fair enough, it was late, and she was asleep on the couch and as such unavailable for comments and critiques before i posted. as for me, i was equally exhausted by what has been a long week or two.

so. allow me to explain.

below is a picture of vegan gummi bears. perhaps what i should have written was something along the lines of:

"here is a picture of some vegan gummi bears. on their own these taste okay, but if one is expecting a substitute for the goodness of the original, gelatin-containing gummi treats, one will be sorely disappointed. what's the deal here, anyway? is gelatin really necessary to produce the gummi goodness we all remember from childhood? is it really impossible to produce a quality vegetarian (let alone vegan) gummi treat? surely someone is pulling a fast one on us, and i, for one, will continue to check the labels on the originals in the hopes that i will catch them sleeping, that they will relent, that gummi treats will once again be ours to enjoy."

hopefully that makes more sense. don't even get me started on skittles and starburst, or the k-gelatin (not vegan) in junior mints.


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