Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The evolving thoughts of a mugging victim

I am not excited that it is starting to get dark earlier. This is partly because I like a long day, partly because I know early dusk comes with cold weather in tow, but this year there is a new reason also - my nerves. We're both pretty shaken up today, and it's not a super fun time. There's been a couple of David Fisher moments, passing kids on bikes in Uptown today after being startled by a woman right behind us yelling at her kid. Pulling off the freeway at about 8 tonight at a dark intersection with Cedar Avenue and seeing a panhandler, a drunk, and endless shadows. Mostly throughout the day I'm okay, but I hate this new fear. I hate that I have it, I hate that my wife has it (more profoundly I think, and I'm convinced that it would be much more difficult to watch a beating than to take one, especially when the victim is your spouse), and I hate how often we have to be reminded of it. We must have driven past "the scene of the crime" about 3 times today. In another part of town I totally missed a stop sign, and of course I'm scanning every kid's face who dares to show it in our neighborhood today.

But I got a call from my principal this evening, and a guy at the Y was really nice about getting me a new card for free, and we didn't get too hurt, and people in poverty have to worry about this shit all the time. It could be so much worse. It really could.

Thanks to those loyal readers who deposited their sympathies in the comments drawer. Despite this most impersonal of formats, it was nice to know there are decent people out there. Most days that's hard enough to remember, what with all the idiots.


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