Monday, September 26, 2005


That' s right, motherfuckers. Now is not the time to sit idly by while your elected officials confirm the lifetime appointment that's been doled out to this barbarian. Contact your senators and congresspeople. Sure, Roberts will pretend to be a pro-life ideologue, but The Surly Vegan has recently learned that not only is this masquerade as a narrow right-wing dolt a complete and utter sham, but when Roberts is not wearing the robe he enjoys feasting on human embryos!

Well, maybe that isn't quite true, but the man isn't vegan, I promise. And is that really the kind of person we want as Cheif Justice on our Supreme Court? (This is the part where you let out a resounding "No!")

Also, the President has recently been adimant about the reconstruction of New Orleans, which, need I remind you, is bad news for shellfish everywhere. Where's Vegan Reich* when you need them?

*The author would like to make known that despite a long battle with straight edge and other reactionary strains of moralism and self-righteousness, he never fell prey to hardline, and never listened to Vegan Reich, Green Rage, Raid, and only really listened to Earth Crisis once or twice in passing. The author would further like to stress that, while it is a shame that our elected officials likely eat animals, he understands that, at present, the political climate in this country is not such that voting and/or contacting elected officials on the basis of personal dietary choice is anything but a sarcastic blog topic. Don't be stupid. Finally, any opposition to the reconstruction of New Orleans harbored by the author is purely offered from an engineering standpoint, and again, has nothing to do with the fact that, save for an Italian restaurant or two, it's hard as hell to get a vegan meal in the French Quarter.


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