Friday, October 28, 2005

annual fall fun secular gourd festival of the abundant non-pagan harvest

I'm pretty sure that's what the school district wants us to call it, otherwise it looks like we're giving preferential treatment to satanists and Iron Maiden. You know, separation of church and state and all. No to jack-o-lanterns, yes to confusing Judeo-Christian reactionary terms.

Oh, but that's not what I meant to say. I meant to apologize for the absence...The Surly Vegan headquarters is getting ready to move across town this weekend, so I've been a little busy. Not too busy to notice (gleefully) the unraveling of the current administration (is this legacy mode?). The White House recently picked a fight with the Onion regarding their use of the Presidential seal. The Onion, for their part, is doing the honorable thing and taking it all in stride. Enjoy.

And just to tie it all together somehow, pumpkin beer is vegan, but bad, and I'm not sure about candy corn, but it's once a year, so you should probably just live a little.

EDIT: I just learned that candy corn contains egg whites, and that makes the baby chickens cry. The adult chickens would cry, if they weren't veterans of the de-beaking machine. Uhm, that link isn't for the squeamish. That's why the squeamish avoid candy corn. Don't expect me to make any sense.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Most candy corn has egg whiles, and/or gelatin, bah! But keep your eyes out, because some of the "Indian" corn is suitable for vegan tummies!!

~friend of Sui Generis

5:49 PM  

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