Sunday, October 09, 2005


You've probably heard about the earthquake in Pakistan by seems we're living in a world in which it is getting more and more difficult to keep up with catastrophic events; I'm not sure if this is because they are occurring with a greater frequency or because we have so much media available to us. Either way, the fact remains that I am sitting around writing a blog, and, theoretically, you are sitting around reading one. These are luxuries, even if the blog is lousy, and those of us who can afford luxuries have a responsibility to help out those who are struggling for life's most basic needs.

Please, if you're able, consider giving to one of my favorite charities:


Take some time to peruse their site and see some of the great work they're doing around the world.



Public radio nerds: Did you hear that lost Monk/Coltrane concert tonight? I'm listening to it right now. Hot damn. They keep making allusions to one of my favorites, "'Round Midnight"; I wonder if they're actually going to play it.


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