Sunday, November 27, 2005

for your animal friends

Minneapolitans! If you own a pet, I behoove you to purchase your pet related products at UrbAnimal (formerly Pet Central) on Lyndale in Uptown, right across the street from the Wedge and just a few doors down from some rockstar liquor store.

We went there to buy boots (!) for our new greyhound, Greta, and when we did, the nice lady behind the counter was so taken by Greta's awkward charms that she gave her a squeaky toy for free!

In this world of Petsmarts and Petcos and Petmultinationalconglomerates, it feels good to pay a little extra to get a little extra at a nice little neighborhood pet store. They even hooked us up with a lady who makes custom dog coats...we just put an order in for a black little number with a yellow fleece lightning to follow.


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