Sunday, November 13, 2005

here is a link for you.

Owen Johnson isn't vegan, I don't think, but as a vegetarian he doesn't use any animals in his clothing. (okay, i did just find out that he uses silk, but that doesn't mean you have to buy the silk items, right?) What's more, he's a nice guy and a good friend, so perhaps you should buy something from him. I think his website might be a little out of date, as there are pictures of his (reportedly insane) ex-wife, and the only messenger bag featured is made from cotton. Tonight he showed me one of his newer bags, definitely waterproof, definitely not cotton, and he is also going to make me a top tube protector for my bicycle. If I'm lucky, I might also get him to make me a tube top protector.

The point is, you should buy something from Owen (if you want to), and ask about some of the newer things he's working on. Tell him the surly vegan sent you.


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