Sunday, November 27, 2005

temptation revisited (and how!)

Not long ago I posted on this very blog about the apparent merits of Tempation non-dairy ice cream. What follows is not science, merely speculation, but it came at a cost to yours truly.

One night I ate a lot of the peach cobbler variety of said product. It wasn't good, but it was there, and it was taking up space in the freezer (the container is kind of enormous), so I ate it, and just kept on eating. Later that night, while in the midst of sweet slumber, I was awakened by a churning in the stomach and a thunder in the basin, if you catch my meaning. Okay, I thought, that's what I get. Operator error. Don't eat so damn much ice cream next time, especially a flavor that you don't enjoy.

Fast forward to the day after thanksgiving. My wife and I were eating apple pie, made with pink ladies (the best apples on earth in my opinion), topped with Tempation vanilla vegan ice cream. My wife, as she often does, got full in a hurry, so I ended up finishing hers as well.

The sharper readers among you can already guess where this is going. For the rest of you, I have compiled the following links that outline possible connections between Tempation and diarrhea:

Okay, so I couldn't find any links, and I have to say that it isn't my intention to slander the good name of these people who have fashioned the best vegan ice cream to come along in a while, it's just that, on the odd chance that I'm right, I can at least caution you to be cautious, or what have you. I'm dumb enough that I'll probably still buy and eat the stuff, but maybe I'll have some pink bismuth by the bedside.


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