Tuesday, November 15, 2005

vegan cheese slices!

I love sandwiches. I really do. For this reason it is a problem that I now live near a very expensive sandwich place that uses vegan mayo and makes an amazing $10 14" vegetable sandwich.

But it's also a problem because there aren't that many options for vegan cheese slices, and nobody wants a plain sandwich. That's why I was so glad when I discovered Tofutti cheese slices. Finally, I told myself, the food scientists had gotten it right. I was even able to make grilled cheese with the stuff.

The biggest problem was that I could only find it at one store in town, the East Side Food Co-op in Northeast Minneapolis. I like Northeast, and it was an excuse to stop in to either Holy Land or Marina for some good Middle Eastern (or, for all of you into that chic post-9/11 jargon, Mediterranean) food.

Imagine my surprise, then, when on two recent visits, Eastside didn't come through. As a matter of fact, there wasn't a vegan cheese slice to be found in the place. No one there seemed to know what was going on, which is fair, as I understand there is one buyer who takes care of those things, but it does reveal a bigger question...

...what's up with Tofutti products? I know that Whole Foods (my friend Brian calls it Whole Paycheck, which is pretty funny, if not entirely accurate) and Wild Oats/People's Market don't carry Tofutti products because of some "standards" that the company or their ingredients don't jibe with, if you believe that there is a greater moral compass at work behind the corporatization of the natural foods industry. So what gives? I have nothing but love for Tofutti, and not just because I love those cuties, but because there's was the first vegan ice cream I'd ever tried, and just about everything they make is pretty damn good.

So. If you have a line on some Tofutti vegan cheese slices (or any others that are halfway decent), it is incumbent upon you to inform the surly vegan. Because I'm going to sniff them out anyway, and I promise you that you don't want me in your kitchen. I'm kind of creepy.


Anonymous xemcats said...

The tofutti cheese slices are even better than Vegan Gourmet (http://www.imearthkind.com), in my opinion. I couldn't find them until I visited Cape Cod where my boyfriend's from, and then magically they appeared in a co-op here in Omaha.

7:37 PM  
Blogger the surly vegan said...

of course omaha would have good things. if you care to, you can read my earlier accounts of visits to mcfoster's natural kind cafe. i barely remember the second time, as it was at the end of a whirlwind drive from denver, but i do remember the coffee was good.

6:02 PM  

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