Sunday, November 27, 2005

where is the umlaut on this thing?

If I could find it, I would explain to you that Greta is the name of the new hund, and you would know what I mean, but as it stands we'll just have to rely on good old fashioned intuition and uncertainty. At any rate, here are some pictures of the greyhound. I love her.

Also, did you notice that I've been "blogging" kind of a lot today? That's kind of depressing, but then it seems equally depressing to have a blog and then not ever post on it, so I don't know.

Finally, someone wrote in the comments section that they would gladly make an attempt to go vegan if they had someone to help them out. Let me say that I'm welcome to provide any advice, recipes, question-answering or cooking that I can, so don't hesitate to use me as a resource. Also, this person mentioned being at times overpowered by cheese. This is totally understandable, as cheese is yummy. The best advice I could give regarding this dilemma is to give veganism a shot, but with the understanding that you'll probably eat cheese again, maybe once a month, maybe once a year, whatever. A lot of people are probably shocked to hear me say this, vegans especially, but I remember reading an interview with dairy-farmer-turned-animal-rights-activist Howard Lyman, and he said something that really resonated with me. I paraphrase: any meal that doesn't contain animal products is a step in the right direction. I think a lot people set themselves up to fail, and then they say "I tried going vegan...I just couldn't do it because of cheese, ice cream, blood sausage, etc.", and then they just go back to eating a ton of cheese and dairy and eggs and whatever else. I think it would be a whole hell of a lot better to set realistic parameters for yourself, take the guilt out of it, and go from there. That way you can feel positive about your choices instead of feeling defeated for trying to take on too much.

I don't know, it's never been a contest for me. Generally the self-righteous end up falling out anyway.

Isn't Greta the cutest most awkwardest dog you ever saw?


Blogger Nathan said...

That is one cute doggie. I was sort-of laughing to myself when you said you were ordering a jacket for her even though I can totally understand why a wispy thing such as your Greta would need one. But my laughing ceased when you mentioned the lightning bolt - sweet!

FWIW, we have cut back quite a bit on meat. We don't buy any beef any more and we eat a lot more beans and sweet potato soup and fruity stuff like that.

While we're talking about it, what's the reasoning behind your veganism? I can understand(!) wanting to avoid animal cruelty but then you started wondering about silk and I got lost. And, you obviously have a pet so isn't it "okay" to eat cheese from a well-kept dairy cow? Or eggs from well-kept chickens? (I really want to raise chickens in my back yard and would if it weren't for my big-baby wife. ;) Is it just that you can't know how an animal is treated with commercial products or is there more to it? If so, couldn't one just find a "good" farm and just buy from there?

Sorry for rambling there.

9:23 AM  

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