Saturday, January 21, 2006

distancing myself from the animal liberation front

Not sure if anyone saw the news yesterday, but some people from both the animal and earth liberation fronts, eleven of them to be exact, were fingered by authorities yesterday (in the most non-sexy sense of that verb) for a string of ecoterrorist attacks over many years and five western states.

As those wingnuts are working towards a murky notion of animal rights, and I profess to be doing the same, I thought it only prudent to note that I have never claimed affiliation with the aforementioned groups. What's more, I wish they would go away. Do you want to know why?

Sure you do. Anyone who's ever watched CNN knows about how they must be getting kickbacks from the ADHD drug manufacturers, given the constant barrage of split-screen images and ticker-tape news updates. Images played in a loop yesterday during this breaking story included a shot of a parking lot wherein the cars had been sprayed with "polluter" and "i [heart] pollution" and my personal favorite, "killer".

There was no word as to whether this group, known as "the Family" (but not the long-shirt cult variety), staged actions at any aerosol paint factories.

They did, however, use plastic milk jugs to burn down other factories and developments, such as the one in Vail, which I read somewhere (and I can't remember where, so I apologize for not being able to link to this to verify it) was rebuilt even bigger than the original blueprints called for. Apparently the developers figured that if it was a pissing contest the environmentalists wanted, they were up to the challenge, and so the end result was that the environment was even more screwed over than it would have been, sans Family. Way to go.

Not to mention the enviromental damage/air pollution caused by all of that combustion, especially combustion of so many man-made materials.

As it is, Colorado is struggling with a real greenhouse gas problem, partly due to the mountainous terrain, partly due to human interference. For further elucidation on this, check out this PBS special hosted by everyone's favorite Canadian, Alanis Morisette.

Now, that doesn't mean that I believe that the authorites make any sense when they say that ecoterrorism is their number one priority when it comes to fighting domestic terrorism, as these people haven't killed anyone, and, uhm, I don't know, plenty of other hate groups, street gangs, etc. have, but just because the law has its head up its ass doesn't mean that the green anarchists and company don't.

When I first became vegan it seemed like all the vegans that I knew in this town were of the nutty animal liberation type, and a few of those have purportedly gone down the E.L.F. path, and one of those told me on September 11th (when he came in to eat the leftovers at a restaurant I was working at back then) that "this is a great day in American history", proving what a fucking idiot he is/was. So next time you're at a rally, fist in the air, chanting "free all political prisoners!", be sure to say "except for that dipshit I read about on the Surly Vegan" under your breath. (Surprisingly, his name wasn't mentioned among the eleven, nor were any others that I recognized.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

youre an you want to know why of course you do. first off you are making the assumption that the people arrested are guilty of the things they are charged with. what the hell do you know. the one thing all the arrestees have in common is that they were named by paid fbi informants. the very same informants that admitted to the arsons they are accusing the recently arrested of. does this make them guilty? of course not. the last time a similar situation happened the infformants went to prison and those they "snitched" on were found not guilty in a trial. doesnt mean that will happen in this case but it very well may.

the other reason you are an idiot is this. if you were an animal in a lab, slaughterhouse, fur farm or other horrible place who would be your hero? the a.l.f. activist or some moron with a blog sitting around doing nothing?

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