Monday, January 23, 2006

i never said i wasn't an idiot.

from the comments section:

"youre an you want to know why of course you do. first off you are making the assumption that the people arrested are guilty of the things they are charged with. what the hell do you know. the one thing all the arrestees have in common is that they were named by paid fbi informants. the very same informants that admitted to the arsons they are accusing the recently arrested of. does this make them guilty? of course not. the last time a similar situation happened the infformants went to prison and those they "snitched" on were found not guilty in a trial. doesnt mean that will happen in this case but it very well may.

the other reason you are an idiot is this. if you were an animal in a lab, slaughterhouse, fur farm or other horrible place who would be your hero? the a.l.f. activist or some moron with a blog sitting around doing nothing?"

just when i'd been lamenting the lack of traffic to the comments section, too. where to start?

one: punctuation, punctuation, punctuation. Suggested reading: Eats, Shoots & Leaves by Lynne Truss

two: i don't believe i ever said that i thought the people arrested were guilty. as a matter of fact, i was very up front about my aim in writing the post: to distance myself from the ALF.

three: anyone who knows me should also know that i'd be the last person to jump on the FBI's team. of course they use paid informants, of course the justice system is corrupt. you'll never catch me defending them. you lost me on the whole thing about whether the informants were the ones who committed the crimes, but i do understand that snitches get stitches and all of that.

four: that doesn't mean, however, that the people who committed those acts, in the name of the ALF and ELF (which are the people i was originally talking about) get off the moral hook just because the FBI is fucked up.

five: let me quote you one more time -- "the other reason you are an idiot is this. if you were an animal in a lab, slaughterhouse, fur farm or other horrible place who would be your hero? the a.l.f. activist or some moron with a blog sitting around doing nothing?"

see, you're missing the point. it isn't about one animal sitting in a lab. sure, to that animal it is, but what if in liberating that animal you do more environmental damage and actually cause more animal abuse than you prevented? direct action is like a mosquito buzzing in the ear of the industry when what is really needed is comprehensive change. that is what the ALF and the ELF are missing.

six: shit, i don't pretend to be anything but a moron with a blog. that doesn't mean i'm not doing anything, nor does your challenge mean that i need to prove myself. of course, if we're honest, you're someone surfing blogs and responding anonymously, so if i'm an idiot, i wonder how that refledts on you.

now go bake that lemon rosemary tofu. it's good stuff.


Anonymous jeremy said...

big deal so my puctuation wasnt spot on. it doesnt change the base of my argument argument. the point if actions fromt the a.l.f. or e.l.f. should be to stop whatever harm is being done. second is to cause economic damage. corporations and even countries stop what they are doing when they suffer enough economic or physical damage. not from asking them nicely. EVERYONE supports either economic or destructive sabatoge. the only points at which opinions differ are the situations in which to utilze them. just for the sake of argument lets change the beings at question.
if tomorrow brown eyed children were suddenly placed in the very exact same situations as animals are
in laboratories, who would stand outside and ask nicely for them to stop hurting the poor little children? are you going to advocate spending the next several decades leafleating and blogging about it and distancing yourself from someone who said enough is enough and broke in to rescue the children? who would not call the rescuers heroes? anyone who said otherwise would probably get a much deserved ass kicking. the only reason more people dont support the a.l.f. and the e.l.f. is because they dont deem the causes worthy enough. not because they disagree with the tactics. right wing morons everywhere justify economic sabatoge and direct action and even go further to advocate murder to "liberate" people in afghanistan and iraq. but are against using the exact same tactis sans the murder used by the a.l.f. and e.l.f. because of the beings being liberated arent human.

one more thing...while you didnt actually say yes these people are guilty of said did say.. "They did, however, use plastic milk jugs to burn down other factories and developments, such as the one in Vail" which is libel and the same thing as calling them guilty.

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