Sunday, January 08, 2006

Recipe...for cuteness

In perhaps one of the most striking examples of human kindness to our animal friends, I give you penguins wearing sweaters. I think this is fairly old news, and the program is over right now (as there haven't been any recent oil spills in the region, thankfully), but I was so enamored with the whole thing that I had to share it. It kind of makes me wish for some kind of environmental condition that would require raccoons to wear Sherlock Holmes outfits.

Penguins aren't the only aquatic animal making news, however. Again, pardon me if you've already heard about this, but it seems increasingly clear that the octopus (plural: octopii) is staging its takeover of planet earth. First order of business? Walking bipedally. Spend some time at this link to learn all about it and to watch the different videos they have up. I'm not saying that I believe in Nessy (although I'm fairly sure that my wife does), but I think there is much about the deep that we've yet to discover.

So, this has much more to do with cuteness and animal welfare than it does with veganism, but I think that not eating things because they are cute is as good a reason as any. My dad hates those little corn cobs that come with certain Chinese dishes.


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