Wednesday, January 04, 2006

would a little more miscellany be okay?

1) I saw Brokeback Mountain for a second time, and while it was still a beautiful movie and story, I wondered this time around about the animals. There is a scene in which one of the gentleman (Heath Ledger, I believe) is dragging a sheep, which is none too cool. I suppose it fits nicely into the historical model wherein one oppressed group unbound becomes the oppressor to another.

2) Apparently, no one from Chicago reads this blog, as I haven't received any lists of favorite Chicago haunts for vegans. Or maybe my list was just so perfect that no input was needed. That could be, as I hit just about every place on there, with the exception of Mr. Salsa and Andie's. Also, to my great disappointment, Merz Apothecary was closed the day I tried to go there. They've always been pretty nice about helping me find vegan hygiene items. I suppose I should be happy that they were able to take a holiday.

2.5) I had every intention of making business cards for the blog to leave in restaurants and different places while traveling, but didn't get to it. Is anyone out there a graphic designer?

2.75) It was brought to my attention this weekend that while Minneapolis is all about the mock duck, Chicago is all about the seitan. What, in your opinion, is the proper pronunciation of this last word?

3) I bought some Earth Shoes a couple of weeks ago. Not only are they vegan, but they are comfortable and stylish. I'm pretty sure my flat feet are still somewhat fucked, but these shoes have been an improvement all the same. (Not all Earth Shoes are vegan, but they do make a handful of vegan designs and seem fairly excited about it).

I'm pretty sure that's all.


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Cool shoes.

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