Tuesday, February 21, 2006

i swore this would never be me times two

hola amigos, it's been a while since i rapped at you.

and i'm short on time, so i'll be brief, sans links. that was a jim anchower quote in the opening, he's a recurring character in America's funniest news source, the Onion.

anyway, i swore i'd never be negligent blogger guy, but it's been a seriously long time since i updated this thing, but suffice it to say that in addition to accidentally eating squid recently, i also accidentally purchased leather cycling shoes. that is to say, i knew i was purchasing them, i just wasn't sure if they were leather or not.

as it turns out, louis garneau has since called me back and verified that their touring shoes are leather. i was at the hub, the day before the stupor bowl (annual drunken minneapolis bike race/scavenger hunt), and i've been having some rather serious problems with my right foot which were aggravated by stopping in toeclips. i made the decision to buy clipless pedals and some shoes to go in them, and the louis garneaus looked to be the ones that would best suit my needs. unfortunately, dude at the hub was unable to provide me with a list of the materials, and there was nothing on the shoe or its box to indicate whether it was leather or not.

i know i could have tried harder, looked elsewhere, etc., but i also know that i did do my best, i needed some shoes in a hurry, and while i think its abhorrent to kill an animal for materials and would never intentionally purchase leather, i've also discussed my feelings about synthetics. my understanding is that most are made from petroleum products, and so of course that raises many environmental and ethical concerns as well.

no doubt it will be easy to call me a hypocrite, and clearly i'm somewhat insecure on the point or otherwise wouldn't bother bringing it up, but i do think it's important to blunder and to be forced to examine the choices we make and their impacts. as for me, i'll be riding bike a lot more now, and i figure that's good for animals and everyone.

you can make your own choices.


Blogger c squared said...

I agree with you and your post as to which is the lesser evil.
I think it is a personal choice, but I also feel that vegans are judged- big time. Its as if people look for you to trip up so they can throw it in your face.
But people like that suck! I commend you in throwing yourself out there.

9:55 AM  
Blogger veganerd said...

youre right that snthetics are often made with petroleum produts that are indeed bad. however that doesnt make leather any more envirmentaly friendly. think of all the pollution from the factory farms plus the chemicals needed to processs the leather plus the petroleum products that are also in the leather shoes(soles, lining, etc.). i think that cumulitively, synthetic shoes are better for the earth.

10:21 AM  
Blogger the surly vegan said...

it's a tough one, no doubt, because you are absolutely right about the environmental degradation involved in leather production.

and you may be right about sythetics being better, i'm really not sure, i've just decided not to beat myself up abou it too much.

but they're great shoes, and i like that company, so interested parties might care to contact LG and ask for a vegan touring shoe.

their winter cycling gloves are great, contain no leather, and have a nice soft nose-wiper built into each thumb.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are a stupid moran! get a gripe! idot!!

4:49 PM  

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