Sunday, February 05, 2006

somewhere between an omelette and a scramble

Have you ever noticed how the word omelette is often spelled all kinds of crazy ways? Anyway, probably this should be called an omelette-inspired scramble.

Yellow onion, diced, some.
Button mushrooms, diced, some.
Tofu, crumbled, one half block.
Frozen spinach, some.
Block vegan cheddar, some, sliced and diced incredibly finely.
Veggie ham slices, some (make sure they're vegan), sliced in a tiny manner.
Turmeric, some.
Dried basil, some.
Garlic powder, some.
Cooking oil, a bit.
Soy sauce/Shoyu/Tamari/Bragg's, a splash or two.

As you can see, it's not exactly a precise science, but it might be my greatest concoction yet. Who needs gourmet when flying by the seat of your pants with ordinary ingredients tastes this good? This is not only inspired by the traditional omelette, but it also builds off a recipe I have for a vegan Spanish omelette, listed elsewhere in this blog (under "tofu is not the enemy," i believe).

Heat your oil in a skillet, add the onions. Heat and stir, about ten minutes, or until browning has begun. Add tofu, mushrooms, your soy sauce or whatever, and your spices. Stir well, and while this is going on you can cut up your veggie ham and your vegan cheese. Go ahead and add those and the frozen spinach, stir, cover. That's pretty much it.

Optional: slice up an avocado and stir it in after serving.


This doesn't have anything to do with anything, but I rode in the Stupor Bowl yesterday here in Minneapolis. It was really fun, even though my namby-pamby partners didn't trust my frightening knowledge of Minneapolis history and trivia and so prevented our discovery of the medallion and the subsequent acquisition of a brand new track wheelset.

I'm thinking of organizing a Sunday morning ride. Interested parties should check or contact me via this blog. Adieu.


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