Thursday, June 29, 2006

For when we're not eating.

The good people at put together a list of "Vegan Wines and Other Alcoholic Beverages". As I appreciate any effort that allows me to get my party on, I decided to dig a little deeper. I mean, what about Sierra Nevada, Bell's, and 15 year old Laphroaig? If those are vegan, I'm all set. Besides, the above list contains some huge alchohol companies that, in my opinion, vegans ought to be avoiding for reasons of morality that have precious little to do with the animals.

Then I found this. has a much more comprehensive list, including possible concerns regarding your favorite brews, e.g., did you know that Sierra Nevada uses their spent grain as "animal feed"? Neither did I, and now I have some soul-searching to do. The disclaimer was reassuring, though, especially the line "I am not the vegan police and you are not under arrest" and the invitation to belly up to the bar.
Here are som more lists:
(the above confirms that Bell's is vegan, by the way)
(no more Young's, I guess)
And if making it onto the vegsociety message board is all it takes to confirm the veganacity of a particular scotch, then I guess Laphroaig passes the test!

Hopefully I don't need to say this, but have fun, be safe, and if you need help, fucking get it.

Otherwise, drink up!


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