Friday, June 30, 2006

stroganoff, meet beer.

The Surly Vegan is broke. Not the website, as it was never intended to be a money-maker, but the person. In a way, though, it's been a good thing, as it's caused the wife and I to take stock of what we had in the refrigerator and the pantry, find some recipes on-line, and after a quick ($40!) trip to the co-op to pick up a few things, we were on our way.

Another factor is that my wife has been seeing an acupuncturist lately, who recommended that she avoid soy. That means no tofu, for the most part, but seitan got the go-ahead. We found a recipe for seitan stroganoff and went to work. Actually, my wife went to work while I put groceries away and did the dishes. I'd like to take credit, I really would, but since I already linked to the wonderful for the recipe, I might as well not take credit for the production. Although I did cube a roma and a half.

The stroganoff is amazing, and while I didn't make it, I did ask my wife how difficult it was, and she gave it 5 out of 10 on the old hard-to-do scale.

Finally, I'm drinking Breckenridge beer tonight, their Trademark Pale Ale, which is pretty decent and which was one of the only beer companies I discovered yesterday (see post below) that didn't give their spent grain to animal farmers. I salute you, Breckenbridge brewery, and that's not just because I'm four beers into a six pack, I really mean it, I promise.


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