Thursday, July 06, 2006

izzy's for ice cream

St. Paul had it all when we called.

Tonight I went to Izzy's for the first time, and had some ridiculously yummy strawberry soy ice cream with strawberry sorbet on top. My wife had a cone as well, and hers was topped off with some mango sorbet. The sorbet was a free "izzy", a tiny scoop of any flavor that can be added for free to the top of a single or double cone. Reader's Digest named Izzy's one of the top 100 ice cream shacks in the country, and rightly so. It was very crowded.

Since becoming vegan I've become kind of a supertaster for egg, so I suspected that the waffle cones we ate were not vegan. True enough; I just got off the phone with Izzy's and learned that their waffle cones contain both egg and butter (and a very non-vegan but classy malted milkball hidden away in the bottom of the cone), but that the sugar and cake cones are vegan.

A trip to an old school ice cream parlor is one of those treats that many of us suspect veganism requires us to give up. Places like Izzy's have been kind enough to dispel that myth, and for that, they lend a little bit of style to West St. Paul.

As if that weren't enough, Izzy's claims to be "the first shop" running on solar energy. It's unclear whether that means ice cream shop or what, but it kind of doesn't matter, does it?


Blogger Nathan said...

Izzy's is truly the best ice cream parlor in St Paul on all counts.

4:33 PM  
Blogger the surly vegan said...

I'm glad that I didn't know about Izzy's when I was a kid. Walking to Baskin Robbins and then to the playground at Loring Elementary (northSIDE!) wouldn't have been nearly as fun.

10:32 AM  

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